The Buddy System

The Buddy System is a system for training your dog. It is when two or more people get together on a consistent basis, we suggest once or twice a week. They practice their various disciplines thus supporting one another's goals.

You will be surprised at how much fun this is, and how fast you and your dog will accomplish your goals! Simply put, two minds are better than one. Having the accountability of a buddy helps us stay on track. Using this for training dogs is a formula for success and it works!


People meet on Thursdays at 9am and walk the Nature Path together (with or without dogs).


On the first Saturday of the month we meet at 9am and are lead on a hike (with or without dogs). The location changes, so call for more information. 

K9 Fitness:



Therapy Dog Training

Certification with Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Program goals include visiting hospitals, senior living facilities, library reading, visiting schools, and special holiday programs.

Dog Therapy Chairs

                    Nilly Smith         818-519-8383

                    Laurie Friesen     661-972-4112

Rescue/Foster Dogs Chair

    Katy Jacobson     661-805-4596


    Debbie Mayer        802-343-5483

    Pam Miller             661-203-5725

We are always in need of people to foster or rescue the many abandoned dogs in Tehachapi.  Working closely with STOP (Save Tehachapi's Orphaned Pets) we help match pets with people.

Dog Park

Katy Jacobson     661-805-4596

Mike and Romelle Kemp  

Stephanie & John McGuffey  

The Bear Valley Dog Park

opened in 2011.  Katy Jacobson

had the dream for a dog park in BVS and promoted it to the BVSA board who make it a reality.  

Our Agility Playdays are held there.

Our next project will be to get permanent dog play equipment for the park.

Park Play


"Happy Hounds Social Hour"

Members come to the dog park to meet and greet each other. Dogs are welcome. Bring a finger food to share and BYOD.  Date & time TBA.

(May thru Oct)

Other Divisions and Contacts

Mike and Romelle Kemp         661-917-2034

Stephanie & John McGuffey   661-496-7782


Save Tehachapi's Orphaned Pets