Certified Trainers

Mary Dincau teaches and demonstrates Agility in the Palmdale area.  She competes and is a member of the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) which has existed since 1986.

Megan Kaczmarczyk is owner of Paws On Dog Training. She is certified and offers the most reliable and up to date methods in dog training. With over 18 years experience working with dogs in various jobs, and 4 years working as a certified Dog Trainer, she offers the most up to date reward based techniques to help you live happily with your dogs!

Michael McManus CAPE, CNWI, PUSH Treibball Founder, Head trainer/Applied Ethologist.

Michael (Certified in Applied Pet Ethology, Certified Nose Work Instructor) has been working with dogs for 10 years, focusing on K9 Nose Work®, Treibball and Herding. His Siberian Husky, Lumi, has done well in Nose Work coming in 1st place in their NW1, 1st place in two of their NW3s, and 2nd place in the 3rd NW3, and earning numerous placements in individual searches. They have achieved their NW3 Elite title and are now focusing on competitive obedience. Michael was among the first to title dogs not owned by himself in Nose Work. He has titled a basenji, a flat coated retriever, a border collie, a doberman, a Spanish water dog, and a bloodhound in NACSW sanctioned trials. He is also an NACSW Certifying Official, Camp Instructor and teaches seminars around the country. Michael McManus is an Official Mentor for the Catch Canine Trainers Academy.

Natalie McManus  CNWI  Natalie (Certified Nose Work Instructor) grew up with dogs - and other animals - and has been working with them professionally for 9 years.​ She is also a Certified Search Designer and Judge for United States Canine Scent Sports, a Judge for AKC Scent Work, and a Judge for PUSH Treibball. She has been active in K9 Nose Work for 9 years and teaching classes for 7 years.

She has titled an Australian shepherd mix (5th mixed breed dog to achieve an NW1), Pomeranian (1st Pomeranian to achieve an NW1 title), border collie (2nd order collie to achieve an NW3 title), a Belgian malinois, and another border collie. Natalie is currently working on Elite Champion with her border collie and Elite 1 with her malinois.

Natalie is also a K9 Nose Work Camp instructor.

Meg Prior  Meg raises and breeds championship Brussels griffons.  She is a certified AKC Judge as well as a competitor, showing her dogs at Westminster Kennel Club Shows. She has brought home many titles which include first place in the Toy Group National Owner-Handler Series as well as an AKC National Championship Select Award.