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Rona MacKay

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Nilly Smith

Laurie Friesen

The BVS Tailwaggers Dog Club is dedicated to responsible dog ownership/guardianship. We are a body of people who care about their dogs and want to be with like-minded responsible people who feel the same. We are committed to sharing and learning. The club will provide experiences through education, training, fun events, and social activities. It is designed to improve handler skills and be an information center for owners presenting issues and subjects based on our members' needs. The club will provide support for local rescues in Kern County. Tailwaggers is open to any BVSA resident in good standing and BVSA renters with amenity privileges.

Mission Statement


Katy Jacobson

Debbie Mayer

Pam Miller


Molly Mackin

Joni Hensche

Marla Derry

Donna Macintyre

Marti Howell

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Molly Mackin

Katy Jacobson

Marla Derry

Stephanie McGuffey

Mary Thompson

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Your dog is your partner, your friend, your defender.  You are your dog's life, love and leader.  Your dog will be yours, faithful and true, to the end. You owe it to your dog to be worthy of such devotion.


Michael McManus

Natalie McManus

Guest Trainers


Katy Jacobson

Mike & Romelle Kemp

John & Stephanie



Joni Hensche

Sandy Criswell

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